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Municipalities and Defense

In India, nearly 600 million people lack access to adequate sanitation, increasing the risk of groundwater contamination. According to the World Bank, diseases like diarrhea kill approximately 800,000 children under age five every year and leaves millions more malnourished and stunted. In an effort to address this absence of sanitation, which is especially acute in rural areas that lack access to water and sewage infrastructure, the Indian government has set the target of 100% sanitation by 2022 and is working to boost cleanliness and end open defecation in the country.Several State Government is at different stages of releasing bio toilet tenders. This includes New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and many more.

The DRDO had been grappling with the challenge of managing and treating the fecal matter of its defence personnel. After several years of research, the Organization developed a set of bacteria that “eat away” at human waste. Having successfully used these bacteria to treat the night soil of soldiers guarding the Indian borders, in 2010, the DRDO decided to extend the benefits of the technology to the civilian population by licensing the bio-technology to commercial firms. ABTL bio toilet solution is perfect for the defense establishment also. The bio-toilet (or bioloo) helps treat human waste using bacterial culture, which eliminates the need for waste disposal. The toilet is 100 per cent eco-friendly, saves energy, conserves water and produces bio-gas. A bio-digester is a consortium of anaerobic bacteria, which convert the organic waste into water, methane and CO2. The anaerobic process inactivates the pathogens responsible for water-borne diseases. The gases don’t harm the environment in any manner, and the effluent water is good for gardening and similar purposes.

Benefits to the Social Enterprise

  • Upscale and expansion

Amritasa Bio Toilet Ltd.  has been able to scale up rapidly as a result of these business partnerships. Corporates typically have large orders and these volumes have helped build a sustainable revenue stream. The technological innovation and design of toilets have assisted Amritasa Bio Toilet Ltd.  in enhancing the value proposition it delivers to its clients as well as the end users. They are able to expand without difficulty also because the toilets are mobile and therefore they can service corporate clients operating in far-flung areas at construction sites and industrial units in tough terrains where there is no sewerage facility.

  • Visibility

Working with prominent companies such as National Security Guard, Caparo Group, Indian Forest Department, Indian Railways lends tremendous credibility to Amritasa Bio Toilet Ltd. ’s efforts. These partnerships provide immense visibility and act as endorsements for their excellent products and services and hence increase the possibility of other large companies sourcing the bio-toilets from them.

  • Sustainability

Partnering with large and eminent companies that also keep growing also leads to further possibilities for Amritasa Bio Toilet Ltd. , often leading to repeat orders. An example of this is the Indian Railways which is undertaking the task of implementing bio-toilets in all trains and this will ensure that Amritasa Bio Toilet Ltd.  will get more orders. As it also provides several other services such as AMC, there are opportunities for additional sources of revenue.