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Registered Under Startup India

Top 10 Automotive Startup of the Year for 2017

About Us

1. Amritasa Green Pvt. Ltd. (AGPL):

The mainstay Company of the Group AGPL is into:

Manufacturing and sale of Battery Life Enhancing System (BLESS) that extends the life of sulphated Lead Acid Batteries – new as well as old to upto 3X of its life. It also has capability of reviving “virtually dead” sulphated batteries through its innovative product Battery Revival System (BRS). The products have extensive uses in the Automotive sector, Inverters, Industries, Telecom Towers, Battery Banks, UPS systems, BPOs, Railways, Defense, etc.

These products indirectly reduce the need to dispose of Lead, which is one of the largest pollutant globally.

The product gels well with “Make In India” initiative of the Government of India.

The Company is ISO 9001 certified. Its product has been successfully tested by the International Centre of Automotive Technology (ICAT) and in 2017 was amongst one of the ten best innovations in a national level competition.

In its endeavour to cope with COVID 19, it has recently launched its product “Full Body Sanitizer” that will sanitize persons entering or leaving from any premises. It will be useful for Banks, Offices, Shopping complexes, Malls, etc.

2. Amritasa Financial Solutions Private Limited (AFSPL)

a boutique Financial Services Company is committed to focussed on  Stressed Asset Resolution through empirically workable Business Transformation Programme, a programme indigenously developed which is more real time, involving all stake holders and is measurable. It also provides workable exit programmes. The service is offered to Banks as well as Corporates.

It has successfully advised a leading EPC Company of the Country, the leaders in Mint manufacturing, a secondary steel manufacturer as well as several MSMEs.



Founders’ Message

Dear All,

Amritasa Group is a story of value, of passion, of commitment to contribute to the improvement in Social, Environment and Economic conditions, which we have begun referring to as “SEE”. We realize that there are several others who have been making outstanding contribution to this cause and our Group is one more such contributor.

The Group brings together a team of accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds such as Finance, Engineering, Legal, Secretarial Compliances, General Management, Education. But what is it that binds them together?

To us the answer is the passion to contribute to making perceptible SEE Impacts using their experience, contacts, relationship and commitment. Each member of our Team is focussed to deliver solutions.

The Group Logo accordingly has been designed to convey three main messages viz; the green and clean aspect of our efforts, in delivering best solutions under every situation and an upward growth trajectory that our efforts bring about.

We need finders, facilitators as well as operators of such opportunities.

A big thank you to each one of you who are our partners and stake holders.

Come and join us in this journey.

God bless.

Impact Analysis

  Implemented by Environmental Economic Social Comment
Battery Management System Amritasa Green Pvt. Ltd. Reducing Lead Poisioning/ recycling, employment generative, value arbitrage
Aggregator of Eco-clusters Amritasa Green Pvt Ltd. Eco friendly, commercially viable, employment generative
Business Transformation Programme Amritasa Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd   Business Transformation, Stressed Asset resolution, freeing cash for better usages