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Top 10 Automotive Startup of the Year for 2017


Reliable power and backup is now a necessity in every home and business. More and more people are utilizing UPS and Inverters to ensure that the critical systems in our lives remain powered at all times. Our BMS solution offers reliable power and provide batteries that guarantee that reliability.We serve UPS OEM’s, professional users and battery aftermarket distributors with our solutions.Data centers invest heavily in UPS to protect critical business processes and ensure reliability even in disaster scenarios. AGPL supplies large scale battery systems, customized to the site and application for our professional business users.Power failure in critical processes can cost millions in major industrial plants. AGPL battery enhancement feature are designed for the high security needed in such applications. We recognize the challenging environmental demands of industrial plants – and design batteries that will be available when the time comes to support you.All offices and home PCs use commercial UPS. AGPL offers to both UPS OEM’s and the aftermarket. Even emergency Lighting and Life Safety Systems require UPS batteries to ensure safe evacuation of buildings and other facilities Domestic inverters require a rugged battery that can tolerate regular charge /discharge cycles. In regions where grid power is particularly unreliable an inverter system is fast becoming the solution to the issues faced by people.