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Top 10 Automotive Startup of the Year for 2017

Battery Management System

Global battery monitoring solutions market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 23 percent from USD 2.05 billion to USD 4.81 billion. Industrial units and application mainly drive market demand for BMS services from the utilities, telecom, and automotive industries. Battery monitoring systems aids maintenance for battery upkeep and minimize cell temperature protecting from cell degradation.  Power outages are a problem with higher dependency on batteries. In unmonitored situations, batteries cell can degrade faster, affecting performance adversely. Temperature increase and decrease reduces longevity of battery and efficiency resulting in faster replacement, frequent maintenance, and sub-optimal system. If a vented led acid battery with a rated life of five years under ideal operating conditions is operated at just 8 degrees celsius above the specified limit, it can result the battery life by half. Given the attractiveness of the BMS in India, we have entered the market with two key products: Battery Life Enhancer and Battery Revival Unit.