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Founders’ Message

Founders’ Message

Dear All,

Amritasa Group is a story of value, of passion, of commitment to contribute to the improvement in Social, Environment and Economic conditions, which we have begun referring to as “SEE”. We realize that there are several others who have been making outstanding contribution to this cause, but all we can say is that much more needs to be done. Amritasa Group wishes to be yet one more such contributor.

The Group brings together a team of accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds. But what is it that binds us together that they chose to leave their existing comfort zones?

We think the answer is the common passion to contribute towards making perceptible SEE Impacts using their decades of expertise, contacts, relationship and commitment and most importantly their conviction that they can do these better by taking the challenges head on. It is also their orientation to find Solutions under every circumstance. The Group Logo therefore conveys three main messages viz; in delivering solutions under every situation, an upward growth trajectory that our efforts will bring about and the green and clean aspect of our efforts.

A big thank you to each one of you and more who will join us in this cause. We have already taken our first baby steps through the following activities by our Group Companies:

Amritasa Bio Technology:

  • Manufacturing of bio-toilets that will take head on the challenges of open defecation.

Amritasa Green Private Limited:

  • Manufacturers of Lead Acid Battery Management systems through use of electronics which enhances the life of sulphated Lead Acid Batteries. Another variant in our product basket is bringing to life even a virtually dead battery. These have the potential to reduce the lead poisoning through less of recycling/disposal of used lead acid batteries. More such utility green products are being worked upon by our R&D team.
  • Aggregator of eco-clusters with earthquake and flood resistant houses built of natural composite materials under GOI recognized fast tracking technology, equipped with Bio-toilets, Solar panels on roof top, and with Waste Management solutions. The Group is also into aggregation of Waste Management solutions envisaging primary waste collection using customised design of E-Loaders to secondary waste collection eventually to composting and gasification/ power generation through its channel partners – all industry leaders in their respective domain. This also endeavours to create entrepneurs.

Amritasa Financial Solutions Private Limited

It is a boutique finnacial advisory firm specialising in providing business Transformation solution for stressing as well as stressed Loans. Exit solutions for cases that are non-salvageable are also offered. It also offers “Fit for Growth” advisory services and is adept at providing Interim Management support at the “C” as well as middle levels. We have designed monitoring of pre-agreed aspirational Profit & Loss account as well as Cash Flow and Balance Sheet.

It is our commitment that whatever the Group is doing or will do in future will focus on the three SEE pivots so that the future generations can bless us.

The Group believes in eco-friendly sustainable development to address matters of gender inequality, poverty alleviation, children exploitation, reducing social inequality in a manner that it generates value for the economy.

We need finders, facilitators as well as operators of such opportunities. Who will fund these initiatives, we do not know, but I am sure we will find some……

Come and join us in this journey.

God bless.

       Rajesh Prasad                                                Atul Kumar Sinha

(Group Chairman & Co-Founder)           (Group Vice Chairman & Co-Founder)